Uses of UV Radiometer

A uv radiometer is used to calculate the impact of UV radiation or certain chemical as well as biological processes. The UV radiometers feature smarter technologies due to which one can calculate easily. There are different types of radiometers and an individual must know which type of radiometer to use to manage the calculations successfully. Usually, a UV Radiometer can be used to assess the UV hazards in the workplace and the employees thus can keep on working freely.  The Radiometer mainly consists of two components: UV sensor and the sensor’s calibration. These two components help an individual to get accurate output.

Uses of UV Radiometers

The UV Power Map II is one of the finest options, which can be used to measure the impact of high voltage lamp systems. It’s used to measure the intensity and the energy density of a single spectrum. This Radiometer can read four diverse wavelengths UVA, UVB, UVC, or UVV and the sampling rate can be a maximum of 2.048 per second. Here, the user would get the option to compare two readings and one can use advanced software to find the difference between the UV outputs. This radiometer helps in analyzing the whole curing system. Hence, it becomes easy to determine the irradiance of the lamps and it improves the production rate.

A uv radiometer reduces excessive product waste and improves the performance of the system. So, an industry can generate more revenue and all the products would perform well.

Other Versions of UV Radiometer and their Uses

One can get a single-channel radiometer using which one can measure all the channels concurrently. The radiometer displays the output on the front screen and a user can also send the irrelevant data to the system for further analysis.  However, one can also get a standard version where the data will be displayed on the front screen but there won’t be any option to send back the data.

Presently, a new version of the Radiometer is available, which is used for different LED systems. The Radiometer features advanced technologies and one can easily measure peak irradiance and energy. The Radiometer comes up with a higher dynamic range and a chargeable battery for better usage. Using this radiometer an individual can compare exposure time, capacities of different systems, etc. 

Time to Learn the Modern Technology

Power Puck is one of the popular UV radiometers, which can measure both intensity and dosage of different wavelengths. An individual needs to learn how the technology works that help in coming with the correct data.

How to select the right UV Radiometer?

Now, one needs to know how to select the right uv radiometer. Here are the things to consider while selecting a radiometer to measure UV impact:

  • It’s important to know the measurement range. One needs to learn the minimum and maximum readings.
  • The radiometer must turn out with a proper graphical display. It helps in quick evaluation of data and understanding the lamp’s performance.

So, one can find the right radiometer with all the necessary specifications.


Taken as a whole, a radiometer is a piece of advanced equipment used to measure the intensity and dosage of wavelengths. One can get accurate outputs with the option to analyze and store data.


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