It is possible to prepare yourself in a short time with the CA exam series?

There are only a few weeks left until the CA Final exam! You have a lot of unread books and pamphlets. You’ve piled up half-finished projects and you don’t even know where to start!

Seeing books stacked and the volume of lessons not read during exams can make you feel bad and confused about how you can escape the trouble you have created for yourself. We will introduce you to short-term planning methods so that you can get rid of all this confusion in the shortest possible time.

Probably the first solution that comes to mind is to study 12 to 14 hours a day! But the main solution is to study better. Let me say better, you have to learn to read useful in the limited hours you study. For those who have not studied during the correct time period, the CA final exams become a nightmare and studying becomes a competition! Many of you are probably in this category as well.

The most effective way is to study with CA exam series with full concentration and take short breaks between lessons. You should not focus on how many hours you studied. Instead, you should pay attention to how much you studied and learned with CA exam series. Here are some ways to help you study and concentrate as best you can.

Take Good Breaks

When you relax, you need to distance yourself from all the thought of CA exams and stress and clear your mind. If you use your free time to plan the next round of study or talk about the lesson with your friends, your mind will not rest; and if the mind does not rest, the next round of study will not be useful.

Check with your friends, so that you can rest assured that the source of your exam is correct and you will be informed about the latest changes and omissions of the exam.

Find what you lack

Examine your strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum with the help of CA exam series, and instead of reviewing the sections that you are completely fluent in, move on to the parts of the book that you have not practiced and have not read.

Do not go to all the books in the day before the CA exam; If you have not yet solved the exercises, one of the best shortcuts you can use is to go to the questions for each lesson and read parts of the book that you did not have answers to.

Because despite the little time left, only with the help of tests and exercises in CA exam series for each section, you can find out in which sections you have weaknesses or strengths. Therefore, in the first step, focus only on the exercises and sections that you have mastered. You have less on them.

Get help

You can use collective thinking to pave the way for success in CA Final exams. Summarize and exchange which part of the important topics and CA exam series of the lessons. This way you can move more accurately and quickly and learn better.


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