From Pool Parties to the Drive-Thru: This Waterproof Fabric Has You Covered

Vehicle seats are not usually designed to be waterproof and any little moisture leads to a cascade of wear and subsequent tear. Luckily, research into the matter has led to the creation of numerous waterproof materials out there like neoprene. In addition, neoprene is thermo-stable, resisting both hot and cold temperatures. Neoprene car seat covers are designed for an active lifestyle and can be tailored to your specifications. Neoprene car seat covers allow you to head to the drive-thru straight from the pool!

Neoprene is a waterproof material commonly employed in making scuba suits. It is soft, comfortable and here’s why it’s the best for you.

Benefits of Neoprene Seat Covers

  • Durable

Neoprene seat covers are as durable as leatherette seat covers. Designed to resist fluids, they are also resistant to wear, tear and mildew. Furthermore, they keep your original upholstery look. The neoprene material is also lightweight and flexible.

  • Heat-resistant

Once in a while, you’ve parked under the baking sun. as it turned out, your seats were too hot to accommodate. Neoprene is also heat resistant. They repel most of the heat keeping your seat just the right “Goldilocks” warm. One thing you should note as well is that neoprene also keeps divers warm!

  • Water-resistant

No need to dwell more on this, I presume?

  • Visual Aesthetics

Neoprene seat covers speak elegance giving your interior a timeless look. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colours. Neoprene is imbued with the capacity to bring to life visually, “dead” car seats.

  • Protection

Neoprene protects your original upholstery from severe degradation. Its waterproof feature also guarantees fluid protection.

Now, we have covered the benefits of neoprene seat covers. Let us look at why custom-made car seat covers are the best.

Customizing Neoprene Seat Covers

Customizing your car seats are an inexpensive way to give your vehicle interior a face-lift. It is also a great way to ensure the perfect size fit. Customizing considers your car model and year of manufacture. The result is a close-fitting, dirt and debris resisting long lasting seats. A seamless fit also guarantees comfort, which overlaps with the comfortable nature of neoprene.

Cleaning Neoprene Seat Covers

Customized neoprene car seats are easy to clean. Considering the frequency of use, the material itself comes as a saviour. You should first start by vacuuming dirt and debris out of the surface. You will then need neoprene shampoo, easily found at your automobile stores. However, if you can’t access it, there is an easier cleaning solution you can make. In a bucket, just mix two gallons (about 8 litres) of warm water with two tablespoons of common detergent. Make the solution frothy, take a sponge, dip and proceed to clean your covers. Afterwards, rinse the seat cover, and air dry. If you do it every two weeks, your interior upholstery will look new and most importantly, odourless.


Are you tired of cleaning spills from your truck or car seats? Why don’t you consider neoprene seat covers? Hopefully, these benefits of custom-made neoprene seat protectors will sway you. If you still have any trouble, there are other waterproof options for you to explore.


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