16 Best Educational Netflix Shows to Stream in 2020.

Netflix isn’t only about watching movies and chilling with friends while ordering Chick-fil-a, it can be used to stream educational TV shows which can be played in classrooms or watched at home for knowledge-gaining purposes. It is the most time-consuming task to decide on what to watch on Netflix, therefore, here is a list of 16 best educational Netflix shows that can be streamed.

 16 Best Educational Netflix Shows to Stream in 2020:

1.    Explained

Explained is an American documentary series that has an episode lasting 15-20 minutes and targeting specific topics like Music, The Existence Of Cults, Diamonds, Billionaires, Animal Intelligence and other unique subjects are talked about, from their origins to their importance in the society now.

2.    The Big Bang Theory

One of the best American television sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory has won the hearts of many due to it being regarded as ‘cool’ for being the first show to fuel physics boom. It has led to a resurgence of physics amongst students hence, it can be showed during Physics class as an introductory activity.

3.    Grey’s Anatomy

Taking a dive into the world of medicine, grey’s anatomy is the perfect TV series if one wants to learn how to operate the professional life of a doctor and balancing personal life with it. Moreover, by watching this, one can learn the sacrifices and the dedication required to be a medical resident in order to become a successful doctor.

4.    Sherlock Holmes

Teaching its viewers how to put their detective skills to use, Sherlock Holmes is the ultimate TV series if one wants to adapt quick-thinking skills and teaches how there are more than having just one way to approach or solve a problem hence, boosting problem-solving skills.

5.    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For all those looking to pursue a career in a police department, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a series that can help you in knowing what it takes to be a superb police officer that solves murders while having a fun workplace environment. It shows the obstacles that one has to face to become a police commissioner or sergeant and what it requires to achieve this status.

6.    Bill Nye, the Science Guy

This is a show for middle-schoolers, used by teachers to teach the basic concepts of light, gravity, and evolution to young minds. This could be a great activity in the form of visual studies for students eager to learn, being a study practice that is different from the usual. Like how teachers use samples and templates to teach students how to write a literature review, a similar approach is adopted by using this show to teach students about science and physics.

7.    Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

Kevin Hart, the literal heartthrob when it comes to any humor-related activity, his show, Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, is unique in its own way as it teaches its viewers about African-American black history through the usage of re-enactments and archival footage. This can help clear misunderstandings about African-Americans and might even contribute to counter racial discrimination by teaching about some of history’s unsung black heroes.

8.    Abstract

With having an IMDB rating as high as 8.4, Abstract is a guide into the world of computer design and modern contemporary design that features some of the most well-renowned designers of the world. This can act as an inspiration or a source of help for art students looking for ideas or those wanting to pursue a career in art but being unsure about it, hence, stream this show on Netflix and enjoy the ride.

9.    YOU

YOU is not only the latest big hit on Netflix, this psychological thriller television series teaches one the behavior of a stalker, how they think, how their approach works, how they justify their actions, in case similar tendencies are noticed by someone who has watched this show, it makes it easier for them to report to the authorities. Hence, YOU’s viewers become more socially aware of predators with toxic behavior that exists in society today.

10. Narcos

Watching Narcos will give you an idea about how drug lords think. What can this teach? If someone wants to go into the Anti-Narcotics field then they can get an idea on how to catch the mobsters who deal with drugs, what drug sites are supposed to look like and incidents that may occur when authorities intervene in drug operations and how to carry them out successfully.

11. The Crown

All those eager to learn about world history, the British taking over, how the royal hierarchy was formed, The Crown is an elaborative series that shows how Queen Elizabeth came to where she is today, passing the hurdles, the sacrifices, the close deaths, and everything in between. For those interested in knowing such historical moments and the background of the royal family, this show is a must for streaming in 2020.

12. Insatiable

Starring Debby Ryan, Insatiable is the perfect show to teach the most important lesson about beauty standards to young girls who think their appearance is all there is about them. Such lessons are barely taught in schools or at home, hence, this Netflix original teaches more about being confident in your own skin color and body size while negating all other perceptions about being beautiful.

13. House Of Cards

This American political thriller web television series surely gets one hooked to it when they first start streaming it. Why? That’s because Frank Underwood’s striking personality as a democrat inspires young minds to one day be like him. For those looking to make a career in politics, watching this show will make you learn political tactics and much more, therefore, it can be considered as an educational show one should definitely watch.

14. Money Heist

This show provides a full view into the minds of bank robbers that have an ulterior motive than ordinary robbers, money Heist crossing all top ranks on Netflix, teaches many valuable lessons. What may they be? It teaches the art of time management, careful planning, how to think from someone else’s point-of-view and how to act on one’s feet thus, to an extent, it can be considered an educational show.

15. Greatest Events of WW2 In Color

Providing a wide range of documentary episodes related to world war 2, this show is a peek into the history of the world when world war 2 was about to happen. Rated 8.8 on IMDB, Greatest Events of WW2 in Color is one of the optimum educational shows to stream, as it teaches its viewers about how WW2 began, its consequences and everything in detail, and color.

16. Workin’ Moms

For all those moms that lack parenting skills or are looking to learn how to manage being a mother and a working woman at the same time, this tv series acts as the perfect source to guide the viewers about motherhood. Even though this show can target mostly adults, it can still teach many lessons to teenagers as well.


Netflix gets all its viewers hooked to a show once they start watching it, and the list provided above will indefinitely grab your interest in under an episode, and since they’re educational shows, it will help in increasing general knowledge as well.

Author Bio: Adam Sheen graduated from the University of Sheffield where he did his bachelor’s in English Literature and later on started working for Best Assignment Writer to be a resourceful guide to university students, helping them in their coursework. Alongside that, he’s a gadget lover and loves to travel.


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