What to Know About Proper Beard Maintenance

Are you considering growing a beard, but you’re not sure how to care for it? Regular beard maintenance is a must for those that are hoping their beard looks and feels its best.

For a few beard maintenance tips, keep reading. Keep your facial hair looking clean and amazing with this simple guide.

How to Wash Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be washed on a regular basis to keep things clean. Use a men’s natural beard shampoo to wash your hair in the shower at least three days a week. Not only will this keep your beard clean, but it will also keep it smelling great and prevent buildup in your beard caused by sweat and oils.

Find a shampoo that is natural and is sulfate-free to avoid using chemicals around the mouth. You should also condition your beard to keep it hydrated, soft, and shiny. Find a beard oil with all-natural ingredients and premium extracts and essential oils.

Using a beard oil also helps to hydrate the skin underneath your beard so that you can avoid any itchiness and flaking that occurs when your beard is dry or has poor follicle health.

How to Keep Your Beard Groomed

You will want to regularly trim your beard to keep it looking well-kept. Every few weeks you can use scissors or trimmers to fix uneven patches or snip off split ends. This will allow you to maintain the shape of your beard.

Use the natural contour of your face to shape your beard in a way that best complements your face. You want to have a rounded shape while also making sure all of the hairs appear in a uniform shape. While trimming, use a small comb so that you can properly see your hair length as well as which hairs are loose and need to be cut.

You will also want to use a trimmer around your beard neckline bi-weekly. To do so, take two fingers and press them to your Adam’s apple. The top finger will indicate the line you will want to trim your beard too.

When trimming your beard neckline, you will not want to trim to the contour of your natural jawline. Clean your beard trimmer after every shave to make sure it doesn’t clog or break. Click the link to learn how to clean a beard trimmer for the best results.

Keep it Healthy

If you want to keep your beard growing strong and healthy, supplements and vitamins such as Vitamine B3 can help. You can also east leafy greens, egg yolks, and lean meats to give your hair follicles the vitamins they need to grow healthily.

Beard Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Beard maintenance is a must for keeping a clean, healthy, and polished beard. If you are hoping to start growing out your facial hair, keep these tips and tricks in mind for the best results.

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