Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the human body’s restoration, reconstruction, or alteration. It can be divided into cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. The former is performed to improve the appearance of a person’s body. The latter is performed to restore a person’s body to its normal function after an injury or illness.

There are various types of plastic surgery available in India. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Nose Job or Rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape the nose. It can be done to improve the appearance or to correct a defect.
  • Breast Augmentation/Implants involves increasing the size of the breasts. It can also restore breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy.
  • Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is carried out to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tighten the abdominal wall muscles.
  • Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat from specific areas of the body by suction.
  • Botox Injections is a procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause these lines.
  • Face Lift or Rhytidectomy is a procedure to improve the appearance of the face by tightening the skin and removing excess fat and skin.
  • Ear Surgery or Otoplasty is used to correct defects or deformities of the ears.
  • Hair Transplant is a procedure to transplant hair from one part of the body to another. It is most commonly used to restore hair loss in the scalp, eyebrows, and beard areas.
  • Scar Revision involves improvement in the appearance of scars. This is done to reduce scars’ size, colour, and texture.

Preparing for Surgery

The type of preparation necessary before your surgery will depend on the nature of the surgery and the anaesthesia required. Reconstructive plastic surgery may require multiple procedures done in several stages. The following are considerations for you to discuss with your physician/surgeon before the procedure:

  • Stay aware of the benefits, risks and expectations of the surgery.
  • Discuss what type of anaesthesia will be administered and the recovery time.
  • Update your physician of any medications you take and any prior procedures, history of chronic illnesses, allergies, etc.
  • Follow the apt procedure of eating and drinking before and after the surgery.
  • Be sure to follow specific pre-operative bathing, shaving, or cleaning instructions.
  • Be sure to discuss any post-operative instructions that need to be followed (Changing dressings, post-op medications, follow-up appointments)

There are many other types of plastic surgery procedures available in India. If you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery, it is essential to consult a qualified surgeon to find out which procedure is best suited for you. Many excellent plastic surgeons in India can help you achieve your desired results.

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