Traditional Irish souvenirs you need to have

The tiny country of Ireland, a land of folklore, mystery, and spirituality, is an ideal destination for both single travelers and big families. Irish culture is different from that of other parts of the world: traditional dances, art, literature, and beliefs distinguish this country and make it worthwhile to visit. If you are planning a trip there, don’t forget to bring some traditional souvenirs back with you. If you’re new to this and you’re not sure what exactly to choose from the dozens of souvenir shops, here are a few examples of what you can buy:

Aran sweaters

The Aran Sweater is named after a group of three islands located on the west coast of Ireland. This traditional sweater is knit from natural wool fibers and was made specially for fishermen: it is known for keeping the warmth and protecting from the natural elements. It is water repellent, breathable, and has recently become odor resistant, since it has started being made of Merino wool, which is known for its antimicrobial properties that don’t let the bacteria develop. Aran sweaters are in high demand these days, thanks to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Chris Evans who have popularized them during the last years. Because of the pandemic, many tourists had to postpone their plans of visiting Ireland. If you are one of them but you would still want to buy an Aran jumper, go online to Tara Irish Clothing for Irish sweaters made of high-quality fabrics and exclusive designs. 

Irish cheese 

When it comes to cheese, Ireland may not be the first country that comes to mind, since other countries such as Italy and France are more popular amongst the general public. However, thanks to its rich flavor, natural ingredients, and great texture, Irish farmhouse cheese has grown in popularity and recognition in recent years. To please your taste buds, choose a soft, smooth brie Wicklow Bán, or go for a semi-hard Coolea Cheese that tastes like toffee and cashews. Whether you gift it to your friends and family, combine it with some nuts and grapes on a charcuterie board designed for a date, or you simply enjoy it by yourself,  Irish cheese is a perfect souvenir that you can bring back home from your trip.


Irish masters are well-known for their hand crafted, high-quality jewelry designed to last a lifetime. These pieces of jewelry, which are heavily influenced by Celtic mythology and spirituality, commonly depict Irish symbols such as the holy cross, trinity knots, and shamrocks. These elements are not only beautiful representations of Irish history, but they also have a symbolic importance. The Tree of Life, for example, represents wisdom and longevity, the celtic knot portrays eternity, and the cross is a sign of faith and Irish Christianity. Buy your loved ones a meaningful gift, such as a ring, a pair of earings, or a necklace made of silver or gold that will always remind them of you and will bring them love, strength, and luck.

Music merchandise and instruments

This small island with a population almost 2 times smaller than the London one is the homeland for many popular musicians and bands such as The Cranberries, The Dubliners, U2, Van Morrison and many others. Visiting Ireland would be the perfect occasion to purchase your favourite artist’s merchandise, such as a few cool t-shirts, home decorations, or even masks, keeping in mind the changes that we all go through right now. You might also consider buying a traditional Irish music instrument, for example a flutte, a fiddle, or even a banjo. These souvenir ideas are, indeed, more on the pricey side and probably would not be very appropriate for a simple acquaintance or a person whose passions you are not aware of, but if you or any of your friends is interested in music, why not treat yourself or them with a great instrument.


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