Top 10 tips of playing fantasy cricket

The most talked about topic in visual gaming, not only in India but all over the world, is fantasy cricket. Everyone knows the relevance of fantasy cricket in today’s gaming world. This is basically an online game where the players create a virtual team from a group of selected cricketers and can earn points according to their recent performances. Being aware and careful about a few tips can help you have fabulous wins. It is basically the choice of perfect 11 that may prove to be a game changer.

Today here we will discuss some important fantasy cricket winning tips and tricks that one should keep in mind while selecting the team for the game.

  1. Check recent player performances: This is the first and foremost point that should be kept in mind while selecting the players for your team. The in-form players can turn the tables upside down. Recent performances here matter more than the career records. The right choice is mandatory as your earnings will depend on the performance of players in a one off match. However in a league, you can go with the classy players that are the assets of the game.
  2. Analyse weather and pitch report: Most of the fantasy players do no pay any attention to the weather forecast and pitch reports and hence end up with a wrong combination of playing 11. It is just about going with a right approach of “horses for courses”. Many a time’s right player on right pitch is seen to make a huge difference.
  3. Choice of right captain and vice captain: Choice of a right captain and vice captain is mandatory for having a winning innings. The captain of each fantasy team helps you earn 2x points and a vice captain is entitled to 1.5x points’ so if you manage to have the best two players for these positions then you can have an unmatched score of points at that position.
  4. Tips for the match: If you are a proactive and updated chap no one can come in your way of claiming high scores. Last minute changes to create a winning squad are always subject to the last minute updates.
  5. Selecting top order batsman: Selection of the best and top rated batsman can be the sure shot solution to win big, especially in T-20s. The probability of such players scoring runs is better which enhances your chances of winning.
  6. Toss and last minute changes: There is only a small window for making last minute changes. It is very crucial to wait for the toss and then make the final changes.
  7. Creating multiple teams: There is no limit to contest in the fantasy cricket, so you must go with the multiple teams in order to increase your chances of winning. This is the ultimate fantasy tip that always proves to be a blessing in disguise. Even if you lose one you may end the day winning some other matches.
  8. Stay alert:  Always be aware of the last minute changes as even the change of the coach has a serious impact on playing squad.
  9. Choosing the right combination of squad: As you need to pick up at least one player from each category like batsmen, a bowler, a wicketkeeper, fielders and all rounders, it is necessary to chose them wisely. The selection of all rounders may prove to be a blessing as they can be placed efficiently anywhere in the team. The wicketkeepers who are also known for their batting capabilities too can fetch maximum points in both batting and wicket-keeping.  Thus they can help you to maximize points and all thanks to their multitasking capabilities.
  10. Practice and cash contents: If one is new then some apps provide the chance of practice and earn cash through playing private matches. It is good to select a contest to test your knowledge of your favorite fantasy sport and prediction over the performance of the players. You can also prefer private matches by joining the match with the invite code sent by your family members or known people.

With these tips and tricks one can easily make real money by claiming the maximum points scored on winning the matches. If played carefully you can play for a long time enjoying the fun and winning some real cash in hand. Some apps also provide you with the choice of games other than cricket. You can get access to your favorite tournaments including fantasy basketball leagues, kabaddi leagues. It is easy to add and withdraw cash and the apps provide you with attractive options including refer and earn, proportions, rewards and more to assure the fantastic gaming experience. You are also provided with winning bonus points that may add to your score.

Believe it or not it is very easy to make money by playing fantasy cricket. All you need is just select an upcoming match, create your team, deposit some money and join the contest. Track the performance of your player when the actual match begins as you will earn points based on how they play.

IPL fantasy cricket earns 60-70 percent of the revenue through media rights

Five reasons why you should play fantasy cricket:

  • Fun and play
  • Matches get even more exciting
  • Beat your opponents
  • Learn more about the sport
  • There are prizes involved
  • Engage with community of like-minded people

Playing fantasy cricket helps you understand the game at a deeper level. As you become more skilled, you may also win big from it.

You can only create a winning combination if you understand the game at a deeper level. So fantasy gaming has the following benefits:

  • It lets you get actively involved in the game
  • It develops your leadership skills because you select your team
  • It lets you use your passion in a positive manner and even win BIG rewards from it
  • Playing on a safe and secure app means that you can play on-the-go
  • You can play a common game with your friends too.

These are just a few benefits. What’s better is that you would always emerge a winner at the game because you would come to learn something new with every game that you’ll play online!

Caution: Play it on a safe and secure online portal only to ensure the best return of your time, skill and patience.


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