The Role Of Electric Boxes In 21st Century


Electrical Box, aka Junction Box, is used to wrap the wire connections within. The primary function of this electrical box is to protect from any sort of a short circuit and prevent the wires from getting pulled apart or get loose that might cause a lethal fire in the premises. 

These electric boxes are the pillars of the electric remodeling or repairs as they assist you with the transition spots of the electrical cables. These Electrical boxes are of different sizes, shapes, KW, various attachments, and even different materials, mainly metallic and Non Metallic Electrical Box.


While the world has made it through the 20th century, PVC, aka Polyvinyl Chloride, has taken over the world and is loved by everyone. Electrical equipment like switches, cables, plugs, etc., have already been converted to PVC. It has become the standard material used in electrical appliances these days. 

Safe and light

Non-Metallic Electrical Boxes are made of PVC, which is simple to manage, light in weight, and is economical than metallic ones. Some of them are accompanied by built-in clamps for the wiring. However, the PVC electrical box can melt at higher voltages but is successful while avoiding the conduction of the electric charge, and this is the primary reason why people prefer PVC electrical boxes.

Extensive usage

They are easier to put holes in and are not required to be grounded as the non-conductive property of the PVC kicks in. Also, taking into consideration the installation of these electrical boxes, it is pretty easy. When the walls are exposed, you need to just drill in the two or more nails that come in attached with the PVC electrical boxes with markings of how deep drilling has to be done. These boxes are weatherproof as well, which gives them a good point in durability.

Easy remodeling 

There are different boxes for remodeling and new construction to ease the installation process. The boxes used for remodeling come with two flap-like attachments, which are then nailed to the drywall. Some of the benefits also include the built-in cable clamps that are offered by the PVC electrical boxes, generally in the form of little spring tabs in which the wires are inserted, or the cables can be stabled within 8-inches from the boxes.

Coming to the economic gains of these PVC Electrical boxes, they are the cheapest when it comes to the category of electrical boxes, and also, the built-in cable clamps allow saving a little more money. The durability of these PVC electrical boxes is not as high as that of the metallic ones, but it does the job without any trouble and is reliable enough to tackle any kind of electric inconvenience. 


There has always been a tough competition between metallic and Non Metallic Electrical Boxes cause of the differences in the sizes, shapes, attachments, durability, safety, and various other aspects. But, as we can see from the numerous benefits of the PVC electrical boxes, it is evident that these boxes have come up way higher than that of the metallic ones in terms of almost all the aspects now. 


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