We can say that it’s a women’s world right now! There is no place or industry left on earth that hasn’t been occupied by women as well! We’re seeing a surge in women budding as an entrepreneur quite recently.

Let’s look into the mind-blowing statistics,

  • In Ghana, more than 46% of women own private businesses.
  • In the US, women launch over 1200 businesses every single day!
  • More than 47% of women started a business last year compared to men at 44%.

Now, the pandemic did play a massive role in changing the course of the world. 

Of course, it might sound easy because all these women do is concentrate on the business. Right?! Wrong!

Do you know? 79% of the women who run a business have at least one if not two kids. 71% are the primary childcare provider!

Motherhood does throw a lot of equations out the door. Women have to take responsibility for the child’s upbringing while taking equal care of their careers and business.

How to manage them both?

Most women spend a lot of their life creating and maintaining a career. They are aware of its nuances. However, motherhood is an entirely new sphere of exploration – first, you learn and then ace it. 

The career does take a back sear which is inevitable and necessary. During this time, you will learn about the baby and yourself. This transition is crucial as it gives a new perspective that enhances your career. 

The break is necessary to give space to yourself and not be drawn to post-partum depression. It has become one of the most common mental health concerns for women around the globe. 

If you’re a new mother at the beginning of creating a mark in this world with your business, these tips are just for you!

The said schedule

As monotonous as it seems, you will have to create a schedule around work & kids and stick to it! Understand that both of them are equally as vital and time-sensitive. 

Though you might have to juggle for some time, it gets easier by seeking support from your family or hiring help. Whether it is business or the child, you will need additional support to manage the redundant tasks. Do not waste time on the details – let your help do that for you.

The flexibility

The pandemic has brought a boon of working from the comfort of your home. Many businesses like drop-shipping, NFT, and online work don’t need you to have any physical office. 

Like numerous businesses, you will also find various applications to support your day-to-day activities. Apps that can keep every team member’s conversation from one thread to another can help you find new contacts within seconds. One such email finder app is GetEmail.io, where you can find emails for new prospects and also use it to find a new pediatric doctor for your child!

The breaks

You might be passionate about motherhood and entrepreneurship – but it is also vital to give yourself some breather. Many women forget to do that and fall into the spiral of never-ending work (professional or personal).

Do not be guilty of taking that day off or a couple of hours off. Of course, it is the brain-child and actual child that needs you. Remember, both will require you to be around every minute, and no amount of time will ever be sufficient. So, you might as well sneak out of it and find a guilty pleasure! Even if it means that you binge on streaming networks. 

Final thoughts

One of the primary reasons why women are interested in business is the flexibility it brings to the plate! It isn’t the same when it comes to working for any firm. Also, the pleasure the results offer, whether a surge in sales or customer satisfaction, is better than any promotions or hikes! Is it not?


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