Short Tips and Tricks to Boost up the ICSE Board Exam preparation

The term ‘board exam’ often gives a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights among students and their parents. By planning strategically and focusing on important points, nothing can stop you from performing well in the exams. Students should look at the board exams as another step in their education journey and not as a huge mountain which is difficult to climb. This is the main change of thinking which is necessary both among the students and parents to create a positive image about exams in their minds.

The syllabus covered in the ICSE Class 10 subjects is very vast. There would be multiple chapters and its importance would differ based on the exam pattern. Solving the previous year question papers and sample papers is the main option which can be used by the students in achieving their dream score. To boost up the exam preparation, students can make use of the ML Aggarwal Solutions which are designed by subject matter experts having vast experience in the education industry.

Students are advised to completely understand the chapter first before answering them. This will help them to understand the exact weightage of the concepts and prepare accordingly. After solving the questions of ML Aggarwal textbook, students have to self analyse the areas which require more practice. This improves the analytical and logical thinking abilities among students which are important from the exam point of view. The solutions can be referred by students to understand the concepts and clear doubts which arise while solving the problems.

Given below are some of the short tips and tricks which can be used by students to speed up their preparation:

  1. Conceptual knowledge

Students will not be able to perform better if they memorize the concepts and appear for the exams. Firstly, the students should understand the important concepts based on the marks weightage in the exam. Having a strong foundation of fundamental concepts help students to achieve their dream score.

  1. Time management skills

The question paper should be solved by the students within the given time. This mainly requires a lot of practice. Students should solve numerous problems in order to improve their problem solving skills and analyse the type of questions which are important for the exam. It also helps them understand the method of solving problems without getting confused.

  1. Refer various study materials from trusted sources

Along with the questions available in the textbooks prescribed by the board, students should refer to the solutions which are available on various websites. Choosing the correct source would be a difficult task as many study materials are available in the current market. The solutions created have explanations in simple language to help students irrespective of their grasping capacity.

The solutions which are designed by experts are available in PDF format which can be used by the students both in online and offline mode. It is a vital reference guide for the students which is purely based on the current syllabus of ICSE board. The solutions created are 100% accurate with stepwise explanations to make it easy for the students to understand. In a subject like Mathematics, students can also make use of ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Maths to ace the exam without fear.


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