Online lottery games for winning more jackpots

The online lottery games today attract a lot people in various parts of the world because they provide opportunities for earning more jackpots. At the same time, it is important to study them properly for choosing the best one. An online lottery website lets players play a game with options by fulfilling their expectations. It even makes feasible ways to explore a variety of games in one place thereby showing methods to select them based on the choices. Players should know more about the terms and conditions of a website in detail before playing a game.

Singapore Sweep online lottery games

Singapore Sweep is an online lottery game created by a leading responsible gaming company called “Singapore Pools”. In fact, it aims at offering large amount of prizes for players by providing various types of games. It is a raffle-style lottery and players should pay minimum 3 dollars ($ 3) for making an entry. The drawings usually take place in the first Wednesday of a month that exactly fulfils the expectations of players. One can even buy Singapore Sweep lottery tickets from authorized retailers.

How to play Singapore Sweep?

Singapore Sweep is easy to play because players should select a number from 1000000 to 4499999. If any ticket number matches any of the 133 winning seven-digit numbers drawn then, a player is eligible to get up to $ 2.3 million dollar prize. The second prize is 500,000 dollars and the third prize is 250,000 dollars. Apart from that, the lottery offers some other prizes for players. They include lucky prizes, gift prizes, consolation prizes, and participation prizes enabling a player to generate more amounts. At the same time, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions before buying a ticket.

Where to find the Singapore Sweep lottery results?

Anyone who wants to know Singapore Sweep 2020 results should visit the Singapore Pools official website. In addition, there are some other websites which will publish the lottery results and players can know them easily. Players can even subscribe them that can help to receive the results as soon as possible. Those who stay in Singapore can buy the tickets and they have to pay an income tax in their country after winning a significant amount. A person in Singapore can test his/her luck with the lottery that can help to get huge amounts.

How to register for an account online?

Anyone who is a citizen of Singapore can register for an account online and they should be at least 21 years of age. They should provide a local mobile number and residential address while creating an account. Only an account holder is eligible to place the bets by using the bet accounting system. The company is not responsible for any damages, losses, costs, and other issues. Players can claim the amount within 180 days after winning a prize. The company will determine maximum and minimum stake amount limits after betting amounts. It is advisable for the players to read the instructions carefully before generating an account.


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