NBCC Approved Online Continuing Education for Professionals Course Catalog
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The current advancement in technology and the online movement have made it possible for so many things to get done remotely. ACE Online, LLC exploited the online option and established continuing online education for professionals who aim to advance their studies. The courses provided enable professionals to gain the required experiences with minimal requirements such as an internet connection, an internet access device such as a laptop, and the course fee to access the courses. ACE online LLC has gotten approval from the National Board for Certified Counselors (NVCC) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6994, and is responsible for all the program aspects. In addition, the courses that contain materials specific to the laws and rules of a specific state get well noted. Some of the courses provided include:

Acts of Omission: An Overview of Child Neglect (2CE) 

For online ceus for counselors to register for this course, they need to create an account on the website and confirm the agreement to the terms and conditions. The participants can purchase the course as a bundle or as a la carte and select the preferred enrollment period. The successful completion of the process prompts the participant to make a payment using their credit card through Stripe or PayPal. The participant then must read and understand the attached child neglect article, the review materials provided and pass the post-test with an 80% minimum score to receive their certificate of completion. The online ceus for counselors course comes in handy for child welfare professionals, mental health professionals, and social workers with an overview of child neglect problems. 

Addressing the Needs of Families in Child Welfare During a Public Health Crisis (ICE)

The online ceus for counselors participants will get walked through the SAMHSA webinar with four speakers from different family support organizations. The unique background of each speaker enables them to provide a different insight on the role of telehealth during the pandemic and how the role expanded after the pandemic. In addition, participants get several topics of discussion which focus on the safety of high-risk families and how to ensure that care gets provided during the pandemic. The course comes in handy for healthcare workers, family counselors, social workers, among others involved in the well-being of families and newborn children. 

Addressing the Needs of Young Children In Child Welfare (2CE)

The online ceus for counselors participants is required to read and understand the attached article about enacting the Part C referral provisions in the 2003 CAPTCA and the 2004 IDEA. The participant will get familiarized with the connection between child welfare and early intervention by further exploring the fundamental aspects and issues surrounding Part C. The course gets divided into three parts, with each part containing specific components that further enhance the understanding of the participants. The course has been curated to adequately serve welfare professionals, mental health professionals, and social workers with background information and an overview of the Part C referral provisions.


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