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The real estate is growing day by day due to which it is very important for you to know that there are also many unprofessional developers involved in the game. If you want to hire the right real estate developer make sure that you consider a few points before hiring.

There are a number of factors that should be involved during the decision making process. When you are evaluating the real estate developer, you need to contemplate each and every aspect of the project life cycle.

If you are in South Africa and looking for topmost real estate developer then Njock Ajuk Eyong is a one-stop solution for you. He is one of the known business personalities in the field of real estate market.

Njock Ajuk Eyong has always been a bright student in the school days and due to his immense interest, he further took his admission in real estate business school in Johannesburg.

Below-stated are few points that you need to consider while selecting the real estate developer.

What is their background?

Knowing about the background is the first and topmost thing which you need to consider while selecting a real estate developer. In this way, you will come to know about their delivery rate, track record as well as projects.

Remember that if you have picked up the right real estate developer, you can be assured of one thing that all your projects will be completed successfully. It is very important for you to see the background of the developer because the market is full of real estate developers.

You should always check their website online, have a conversation with their previous clients and also visit the on-going construction site in order to know about the layout, work quality as well as materials.

Consider their financial stability

When you are checking about the developer’s background then it is very important for you to have a look at the financial stability because the success of any project completely depends upon the finances.

If there will be a lack of adequate funds then remember that the developer will delay your construction work and might also make use of inferior materials to cover that.

So always make a thorough research on the company’s financial status. In order to know about the real estate company, you can utilize the business reports or ask for the financial data from stockbrokers & bankers.

When you will have knowledge about the sale of units & project success, you can easily come to know about the company’s financial health.

Check the time frame for completion of the project

If the real estate developer you are planning to hire is responsible one then he will surely complete all your projects within the given time frame. You need to check whether the developer has good or bad records of completing the project on scheduled time.

You can take the help of previous customers and know whether the developer completes the project on time and within the agreed time frame.

You need to check the track record 

When the real estate company has an excellent background as well as a strong financial status then it is automatically going to have a success graph. So always have a look at the company’s track record so that you can know what kind of real estate developer you are going to hire.


Therefore, the above-stated are a few things that you need to consider for hiring the right real estate developer. You also need to pay attention to the infrastructure, delivery time, management and wok quality of the developer.


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  1. The real estate industry is quite complicated this is where you need expert to handle all the involved processes. Hence everyone needs to go by the tips and suggestions given by Njock Ajuk Eyong

  2. I truly appreciate all the good advice and handy tips given hereby Njock Ajuk Eyong in regards to hiring a real estate expert. This is because it takes a lot of expertise to deal with all the demands and expectations of the potential real estate buyers.

  3. Njock Ajuk Eyong has truly defined all the requirements that you need to consider why hiring real estate expert. You cannot afford to invest incompetent person by any means.

  4. As Njock Ajuk Eyong said, you must first know about the background and qualifications the person you are hiring for the real estate expert role. The job requires some good expertise and negotiation skills.

  5. Hiring a good real estate expert is no joke and you have to the right person to bring the required growth and development to your real estate business suggested by Njock Ajuk Eyong.


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