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What is Commercial roofing Insurance? Whereas an ordinary general liability coverage offers only one generalized exclusion, a commercial roofing contractor ensures the same advantages to your commercial properties. So, here’s what securing that roofing insurance from Artisan Insurance Solutions could do for you. It gives you:

The comprehensive benefits of roofing Insurance are inclusive of bodily injuries and property damage. Your commercial roofer’s insurance covers both employees and subcontractors, even if they injure themselves while working on your project. They also benefit from covering damages caused by weather conditions like snow, ice, and hail. This plan also covers injuries caused by falling debris. As long as the injuries are sustained because of your negligence, roofing problems can be solved without hassle.

If you think you need other types of insurance coverage, you have some options. You can either get general liability roofing contractors’ insurance or get coverage for specific injuries. General Liability Coverage gives you coverage for property damage caused by your employee’s negligence. While it does not provide a full range on your business premises, it covers the primary injuries such as head injuries, broken bones, and others.

On the other hand, you can avail of Professional Liability Coverage which is specifically designed to provide coverage for contractors and subcontractors that injure customers or workers while on the job. As the name implies, Professional Liability Insurance protects you from claims filed by clients claiming to have suffered injuries while at work. It can also help you avoid having to pay medical and legal expenses incurred due to injuries. This type of insurance is critical in the roofing business since you often have to hire roofers and finish the installation process, which usually involves a lot of lifting and walking. Professional Liability Insurance also covers you if your contractor workers are injured at work.

As an entrepreneur, there is nothing better than being assured that you can provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. You never know what may happen daily, especially when there are storms and other natural calamities. Your roofing contractors should protect your premises as best as they can, and one way to do so is to avail of a Personal Liability Insurance policy. A Personal Liability Insurance policy will not only cover your employees and subcontractors but will also cover you if an employee or subcontractor gets injured while on the job. The procedure is not costly and can easily be obtained from your roofing contractors.

One more roofing insurance that you need to invest in is General Liability and Pollution Liability Coverage. This type of insurance is slightly different from regular Personal Liability Insurance because it specifically targets the suppliers or contractors who damage your properties. Every contractor must invest in General Liability and Pollution Liability Coverage. General Liability and Pollution Liability Insurance provide the contractor and suppliers protection against property damages, bodily injury, or property destruction claims. The policy also offers coverage for the general public if a third party is injured while on your premises.

When investing in roofing insurance coverage, it is always wise to assess your business risks to determine whether you need to increase your premiums. There are several risks involved in operating a commercial or industrial business; hence there is a need to assess and define each risk. Among the significant risks faced by roofing contractors are injuries to workers, weather-related hazards, and exposure to chemicals. Contractors are often faced with high claims because these risks are present almost every day at the construction site. With this insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered for every unexpected risk.

The roofer liability insurance policies can be purchased online from several reputable insurance providers. This way, you do not have to waste time finding the best provider by visiting every insurance company personally. This will only take up your precious time and effort. Instead, you can narrow your choices to insurance providers offering the perfect price and coverage that will protect your business, the people you employ, and the public.


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