How you can get best edge baby safe guards from Babysafehouse…

Corner protectors (also known as strap protectors, vee boards, or tie down strap protectors) are a low-cost technique to protect not only your cargo but also your straps or chains, as well as any tarps or coverings used in tie down applications.

Flatbed corner protectors are designed to provide a layer between the edge of cargo and the strap or chain that ties it to the vehicle, distributing the pressure of the straps or chains over a larger area so that no one place carries the weight of securing the entire load. This equal distribution protects the cargo while also significantly prolonging the strap or chain’s service life.

How to order for your child safety?

Contact us to talk with one of our product professionals if you have any questions regarding corner protection during shipment or need assistance making an order. We have the perfect corner protector for practically each sort of cargo you move in steel, plastic, rubber, and cardboard. Babysafehouse wear straps for webbing are another alternative for protection. Straps are available in widths ranging from 1″ to 4″.

Shipping Classic Finger Pinch Door Guard they can protect a wide range of goods, from brick and steel sheeting to drywall and delicate odd-shaped products, as well as pricey tarps from ripping and abrasions caused by sharp edges.


These plastic corners, also known as V boards or VEE boards, are flexible and cost-effective. Plastic corner protectors are lightweight and simple to apply, making them ideal for safeguarding goods such as drywall, insulated steel sheets, and anything else that might be easily damaged during transit. 12″ plastic corner guard features a cut out design particularly for threading a strap to keep it tight, and it’s most typically used with a ratchet strap or winch strap for shipment.

V boards for flatbed carrying are available in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from 12″ to 78″ in length. These are also known as web protectors since they protect not just the contents but also the “web” design of the container.


Cardboard strapping protectors (also known as edge guards, strapping guards, angle boards, or strap guards) assist to spread the stress from a strap across a broader surface area, preventing corner and edge damage, which is especially important on more delicate weights. These flatbed edge protectors are lightweight and adaptable, similar to the plastic corner type. They’re great for keeping pallet loads from moving and stabilizing them. For cost savings, we supply cardboard corner protectors in quantity; they may be reused or recycled. With full pallet quantities, custom sizes and single color printing are also available. For further information, contact Babysafehouse for Child safety at home.

Wear sleeves

Our Cordura cargo strap protectors are available in sizes to accommodate webbing from 1″ to 4″ and are designed to protect the straps used to tie down a load. Cordura is a special purpose nylon fabric that protects your straps by adding a layer of durability. This durable fabric strap corner protection sleeve is great for winch straps, ratchet straps, and other webbing. It doesn’t add any strength to the strap’s break strength or operating load limit, but it does give exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting.


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