How to Move with Seniors

Moving to a new home can be exciting. If you have been living in your current residence for years, you may want to experience a new environment and make new friends. However, if you have older persons in your home, this can pose some challenges. Apart from acquiring the right moving supplies and hiring reputable movers, you must go the extra mile to ensure a successful move. 

Here’s how to move with seniors: 

1. Inform your loved one about the move

 If moving with kids and older persons, you may assume that they don’t matter. However, it’s essential to inform them about the relocation beforehand. Older persons are very sensitive, and may harbor different opinions about the idea. 

If you don’t notify them in advance, they may be hesitant to move to the new place. How can I avoid this? Share details about the planned move and the reason for relocation. If possible, schedule a visit to the new place to help familiarize them with the new environment. 

2. Plan adequate packing time 

You may need to do a lot of sorting when moving with seniors. However, set adequate time for this. This allows you to handle the task without much stress or injuries. Break down the tasks into smaller chores and let them know that you may want to dispose of some items.

3. Pack right!

 Declutter before the team from the moving company arrives. You may want to get rid of the items that you no longer use to minimize transport costs. However, this may not be feasible for the older person’s belongings. They possess some items that you may want to throw away but discuss this beforehand. The reason? Older persons are mostly attached to their belongings, and you don’t want to dispose of what matters to them most. 

4. Put aside the essentials.

 Have a separate bag for the essential items that the older person will need once you arrive. You may not have time to unpack immediately, which will avoid inconveniences. Examples of items to include are; toothbrush, lotion, toothpaste, phone charger, comb, and more.

5. Engage professional movers

 You may want to do a DIY move, but this can be stressful. Hiring professionals is the most critical decision you can make, particularly when moving with older persons. Therefore, contact a reputed mover company and ensure they offer adequate packing supplies. The experts will ease the process and ensure a stress-free move.

6. Plan for safety 

Take measures to ensure that everyone stays safe. You don’t want you or the older persons to incur injuries when packing or during the move. Plan adequately, and ensure that the car is comfortable, especially for long-distance moves. This helps avoid strains and back injuries.

Final thoughts

 Moving with seniors isn’t as had as many people believe. You can do this right when you understand how to go about it. Involve the older person in every step of the process and help them understand why you’re moving. Also, hire a mover company with proper equipment, and don’t forget to pack the things your loved one values.


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