Five durable and gorgeous materials for creative and tasteful interior decoration

Interior decoration might seem simple enough. When you look at a particular interior, you can say that you either like it or don’t like it and, in such case, – what’s wrong with it. However, if you were to be asked to design an interior from scratch, chances are – you’d fail. With that being said, even if you don’t have enough experience to make an entirely new interior, here are a few tips on material choices.


Is there any doubt that a list of gorgeous interior materials would be complete without marble? The beautiful stone is a premier sign of luxury and seems to never get out of fashion. Of course, marble is quite expensive, but it does last and look good, which means that your investment pays off big time. Here are some marble textures from Pinterest to help you find exciting ideas!

Pressed glass

Pressed glass is much more exciting and sometimes even extravagant when compared to regular glass or even the more luxurious crystal. Bowls, vases, glasses and plates made from pressed glass add a sense of comfort and luxury to the home by also not reducing versatility and practicality.

Charred timber

Regular wood rots and is kind of boring. Well, charred is waterproof (but breathable) and looks a lot more distinct. The process of making it involves exposing individual planks to open flames. After a while, the surface carbonises and the wood becomes water and fireproof with amazing pest resistance purposes. Charred timber boards are arguably the best wood material for flooring, fencing, decking and panelling if you’re looking for that natural elegance. To find out more, look at what has to offer.

Infused Veneer

It might sound quite cheap at first, but trust us when we say that infused veneer is easily customisable, meaning you have the platform to express your creativity. Infused veneer wall panels can create a whole different vibe in a room. Mix in a bit of moody lighting and you can have something that looks like a movie set or a massage parlour. Check out the B+N catalogue to get an idea of how it looks.

Golden accents

Gorgeous? Check. Expressive? Check. Gold is never a bad choice when you are looking for a solid accent that can finish the entire picture. We recommend choosing golden edges, golden poles or gold-plated vases, etc. Do not overuse gold, but it can definitely fit in as a common sub-theme. 


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