Courtney Sarofim Enters High Fashion: Here's What You Need to Know

Courtney Sarofim is Texas royalty and a style icon. She’s known for her effortless fashion sense and busy lifestyle. But now, she’s taking another big step to solidify her place in the fashion world.

For anyone who lives outside of Texas, Courtney Sarofim might be a stranger. But that won’t be the case much longer. The fashionista, mother, and investor is making her way to Hollywood fame.

Here’s all you should know about Courtney Sarofim and why you should keep your ear out for more about her in the future.

Texas Royalty

In Texas, Courtney is most known for her place in the billionaire Sarofim family. However, she first came into the limelight as the step-daughter of former Houston major, Bob Lanier.

Early Years

Bob Lanier was the mayor of Houston between 1992 and 1998. During his term, he had a big impact on the city, which kept him and his family in the public eye long after his term ended.

Mayor Lanier, a Democrat, transformed the city and worked to make it a safer place, and implement more diversity by creating programs for women and minorities.

He’s known for increasing the city’s police force from 3,000 officers to 5,000 officers. He also worked to restore Houston’s otherwise neglected neighborhoods. His efforts in those areas had a big impact, and now those neighborhoods are highly regarded.

College Years

Courtney Sarofim (then Lanier) attended the Ivy League school Columbia in New York. There, she studied Political Science and History, completing a BA and graduating with honors.

After finishing her BA at Columbia, she returned to her hometown to attend the University of Houston and study to be a lawyer.

In 1996, she received her doctorate in law from the University of Houston, which is one of the top law programs in the country.

Professional Life After College

Courtney graduated from college intending to put her degree to work. Soon after graduating with her BA, she began working on Wall Street in New York with Salomon Smith Barney, which at the time was one of the largest investment firms in the city.

When Courtney finished her law degree, she worked with one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, Fulbright and Jaworski. In her early career, she managed to gain an impressive portfolio of experience in investing and law.

Eventually, she took over her step-father’s real estate investment trust. She stayed there until 2006.

Marriage Into the Sarofim Family

As accomplished and educated as Courtney is, and with a prominent position in Texas society in her own right, it’s no surprise she eventually crossed paths with her husband, Christopher Sarofim.

The Sarofim family are true Texas royalty. The family owns a billion-dollar investing firm, which Christopher has been a part of since 1988.

In 2013, Courtney and her husband became partners and Sima Capital, an investment and buyout company.

Who Is the Sarofim Family?

To understand how Courtney Sarofim came to be Texas royalty, you have to know why the family she married into is so important.

The American Sarofim empire started with Fayez Sarofim, Christopher Sarofim’s father. Fayez was born in 1929 in Cairo, Egypt to a family of nobility. There, he interacted with nobles and wealthy people. Fayez’s father owned a successful cotton empire, which Fayez inherited when his father died.

In 1946 Fayez Sarofim came to America. Soon after, he attended Berkeley University and Harvard Business School. After completing his degrees, Fayez began working with an American cotton company in Houston, TX. No doubt, he used his knowledge from working with his father to his advantage at this position.

In 1958, Fayez left the cotton business a rich man and started his investment firm, Fayez Sarofim & Company. His investment firm was so successful, he was soon indoctrinated into the Texas Business Hall of Fame.

Fayez Sarofim is one of the top three most influential Egyptian Americans in the country.

The Sarofim Family Today

Fayez Sarofim & Company has continued to be a very successful investment company. The Sarofim fortune makes them a regarded family in Texas and the country. Today, Fayez’s oldest son and Courtney Sarofim’s husband, Christopher Sarofim, runs the family business.

As one of Texas’s wealthiest power couples, the two express their influence over the state and the city of Houston. They’re on the board of several large companies, charities, museums, and hospitals. All the while, Courtney and Christopher Sarofim have three children, one of whom is from Christopher’s first marriage.

It’s no surprise that so many people regard the Sarofim family as Texas royalty.

Political and Philanthropical Efforts

Even though her father was a Democrat mayor, Courtney shows her support to many Republican politicians. She has donated to several political campaigns including Mitt Romney in 2012 and Jeb Bush in 2016.

In addition to her political contributions, Courtney shows interest and support in her community. Many of her philanthropic efforts surround education and ensuring education for minorities and the less privileged.

She is on the board of the Lyford Clay International School in the Bahamas. She and her husband make donations to the school fund that gives underprivileged students scholarships to attend the school.

Courtney is also on the board of trustees for a group of charter schools, KIPP Texas. These schools focus on serving students whose families experience financial struggles. Courtney and her husband also show support for local museums, zoos, and the ballet.

An Interest in Fashion

As the socialite she is, Courtney is often a guest at various functions and galas. Even though Courtney Sarofim is busy with her work and her family, she always manages to look effortlessly stylish.

As someone who grew up in Houston but went to college and worked in New York, Courtney has a unique outlook on how to bring high fashion brands to southern cities.

Courtney Sarofim’s style is simple, comfortable, and trendy. In fact, in a local annual business women’s luncheon, she won the prize for best dressed twice.

So, when her sister-in-law introduced Courtney to up-and-coming fashion designer Adam Lippes, it’s no surprise the two clicked and became fast friends.

Adam Lippes

Adam has worked in the fashion industry for over two decades. In 1995, he began working at Polo Ralf Lauren. Soon after, in 1996, Adam moved to work with Oscar de la Renta where he played a heavy role in design and marketing.

In 2004, Adam surprised the fashion industry by starting his line of basics called ADAM+EVE. These cotton basics were so popular, he ended up on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss his new clothing line.

Soon after the success of his basics line, Adam moved on to more contemporary styles. Then, in 2007, he held his first runway show. From there, his brand continued to grow.

By 2013, his brand made its official debut. His designs are now available at several major luxury retail stores. And in 2015, he was the annual design partner with Target.

Adam Lippes Designs

It’s no wonder Courtney Sarofim found such a liking for Adam Lippes Designs. His focus is on comfortable design, good fabrics, and tailoring.

You can often see Courtney Sarofim sporting his latest designs when she’s out and about. Adam’s designs are perfect for professional women who live busy lives but don’t sacrifice style.

A Fashion Friendship Forged

Even though the Sarofim family has never invested in fashion before, in Adam, Courtney found a kindred spirit. This friendship and mutual respect prompted Courtney Sarofim to invest heavily in the Adam Lippes Brand.

Courtney speaks highly of Adam’s designs. They fit perfectly into her effortless and functional style that shows inspiration from Houston, New York, and Paris. She appreciates how Adam Lippes listens to his customer base and tries to give women wearable clothing.

Courtney Sarofim: Business Savvy & Fashionable

Even though Courtney Sarofim married into one of the wealthiest families in the world, she’s a businesswoman in her own right. She’s an accomplished lawyer, philanthropist, and socialite. The fact that she married into the Sarofim family only solidifies her place in Texas society.

Though she’s highly educated and successful, Courtney Sarofim doesn’t neglect her sense of fashion. No matter what the occasion, she takes it as an opportunity to look good.

With her influential place in Texas and connected family, it’s no surprise she is now venturing into the business of high fashion. Not only is she bringing the Sarofim family name to the business, but she’s also bringing her years of expertise in investing and being a fashionable person herself.

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