10 experiences in Singapore that will fuel the romance on your honeymoon

Planning for months where to go on your honeymoon? We are sure that you must be having a list of places you are waiting to visit with the love of your life and if Singapore is anywhere on your list, swap it at the first position because we promise, there is no other place like Singapore to offer you the best of everything. The sky remains pink in the city of romance and it offers you a lot of incredible experiences to take back home. Singapore honeymoon package is the most preferred and popular among the people in love. Apart from marrying each other, you and your partner have taken another wise decision by picking up the right place to start off your romance.

Keep reading as we unfold 10 amazing experiences to live with your better half and add fuel to the romance on your most awaited trip.

1. Singapore River Cruise

The idea of a cruise is nostalgic and romantic enough. Take your beloved for a drift along Clarke Quay and experience the city’s astonishing historical heritage moving with the river. Watch the splendid light show in the evening and spend the night roaming in one of the most beautiful places in Singapore.

2. Romantic walk at gardens bay

Remember the first time you held our partner’s hand and took a walk by the beach. Romantic isn’t it? Now that you have held that hand for life, you won’t mind reliving those memories at Gardens Bay. The place is overshadowed by the huge tall trees and will serve as a perfect background for your selfies. Get enchanted with the astonishing nature surrounding you and feel romance in the air.

3. Night safari adventure

Walks and waters are fine but the adventure of a night safari can accentuate your vacation in the most thrilling way. You can witness the rich and diverse species of animals at the first nocturnal zoo in the world. Camping a night out in the forests looking out for the wonderful creatures will make your trip extra memorable.

4. The date at Jewel box

Nothing is as romantic as the idea of a date. You have done it all the time before the wedding and what’s better to relive those moments at Jewel box. And now that you are married, you will enjoy this tinge of happiness with the most picturesque view in front of your eyes. The jewel box is beautiful and we recommend to enjoy a cozy and romantic date with your beautiful here.

5. Romance at Sentosa

Wander through the most romantic beaches at Sentosa with your beloved. The island offers some majestic views of clear blue waters that you can enjoy playing with. You can go underwater to experience a different world altogether. The place also treats you with an extra dose of nature at the Insect Kingdom and Butterfly Park. play a game of volley n the white sands and laze around admiring the beauty of this paradise.

6. Play with dolphins at St. John’s

Who doesn’t like dolphins? They are the most adorable creature existing in this world and you won’t mind spending some time playing with them. Spend a romantic evening walking by the beach at the St. John’s island and enjoy the night by dancing on the tunes of DJs.

7. Fly with Singapore flyer

Fly high with the amazing Singapore flyer and discover the city while having your favourite cuisine. Sip on some coffee and champagne and enjoy the romantic dinner date with your love up above the clouds. The flyer provides spectacular panoramic views of the city with the yummiest food on your table.

8. Hike Mt. Faber

Mount Faber is the most popular hill station in Singapore. One of the most visited tourist places offers a beautiful view of the sun setting in the romantic sky of the city. You can reach the tourist spot via cable car and treat yourself visually with some astonishing views of the valley.

9. Handerson waves

This place is extremely popular among couples. You can hang out at Henderson and enjoy the scenic beauty of the glorious island. You can also take a romantic walk at the majestic bridge that is designed in the form of waves. The city is famous for its architecture and Henderson is one of the examples to experience this majestic structure.

10. Shop at Haji Lane

Nothing can beat shopping, especially for girls. Shop your heart out at Haji lane in Singapore and experience the vibrant streets that nestle some of the best designer boutiques of the city. You can buy presents for each other from Dulcet Fi or Wicked Laundry. The street also has some amazing food cafes to treat your tummy.

If you have reached this far and reading this line, we are pretty much sure that you and you’re beloved are convinced to experience the gesture of romance in the city of love. Singapore is equipped with every necessary asset to attract the people in love it has the most astonishing beaches in the world to witness the glorious sun setting down, and most majestic mountains to scream your heart out, the city has a lot to offer. To visit the place of your dreams and tick the romance off your list, you can book Singapore honeymoon packages with Pickyourtrail. Let us take you high in the pink romantic sky of Singapore.


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